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The truth about KCEG Indie Radio.
Starting in February 2008 with a broadband streamer, in Shell Lake, WI. (Max 100 listeners) started broadcasting Indie Music and falling in love with the sound we were getting through the station.  The station was than called KQIE Radio, than in 2009 we renamed it under my Sons initials and called it KCEG Radio which it's been ever since.

We have always tryed to keep ahead of all the stations but ended up falling behind them due to changes in the station, which hurt us in the long with the artist.  My fault indeed but it's been some thing I just haven't been able to quit, maybe just suborn or stupid.   

· We have a Internet camera set up from the studio where you can view the shows live with us in the studio.
Mike Leonard Show
The Mike Leonard show Monday - Friday from 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm CST

Call in during the shows and let us know what your doing and what your furture goals are.
Top 30 Count Down
The Top 30 Count Down on Sundays from noon - 3:00 pm CST.
Playing the Top 30 songs you picked this week.
Artist of the week
We are proud to show you the artist of the week and thank you for your outstanding music.
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Song Request added to player.
Pick your song and artist and it will be played with in 35 minutes after you submit it.
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Mike Leonard

Tél studio: 701-347-7504

360 Riverwood Drive
Burlington, ND.  58722

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