7th Order
7th Order is an American progressive rock & roll band, their first recording sessions took place in Dec. 2001. The band has, at various times, been joined by veteran British guitarist Martin Pugh (formally of 60's British band, Steamhammer, as well as Armageddon with The Yardbirds vocalist Keith Relf, and "The Rod Stewart Album" with Ron Wood & Keith Emerson), drummer Tim Kelliher (Randy Hansen's Machine Gun), and legendary American rock guitarist Geoff Thorpe (Vicious Rumors). Reviewers have recognized their particular sound as reminiscent of blues-rock bands like The Rolling Stones & The Yardbirds, with progressive undertones ala Led Zeppelin. 
Their worldwide radio debut, a track titled "The Lake of Memory", (also the title of their first CD release) took place in Aug. 2003. After touring & recording in North America through 2006, the band relocated to a new home base in Hawaii. In 2013, band leader Daniel Jones began compiling a career retrospective "mixed media" CD titled "The Initiate's Journey, 2003-13". Released in June 2015, the disc included 7th Order favorites like "The Lake of Memory", "Road to Yerevan" & "Force Of Nature Comes Down" - in addition to videos, interviews, broadcasts, MP3s, lyrics, ringtones and more.