KCEG Radio Classified  Ads

Read in Complete!   
Starting February 26, 2017 you must follow us on Twitter, and Like us on Facebook, if you don't your songs will not be placed in rotation, we will like and follow you as soon as you do ours, Fot those that add and delete after a few days we will remove your songs from the Rotation.   
Thank you for submitting your songs to KCEG Radio. If and when we get them online we will email to let you know it's in our rotation.    
If you have reverbnation and want us to add you to our Rooster let us know and we will add you.   
Website URL http://kcegradio.com   
Follow us on FACEBOOK or we will not place your song in rotation. Like Us on FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/KCEGRadio  
Follow us on TWITTER or you will not be placed in rotation https://twitter.com/search?q=kcegradio   
REVERBNATION https://www.reverbnation.com/label/kcegradio9   
  Thank you for your interest in submitting music for any of the KCEG Radio. By submitting, you are granting KCEG Radio permission to use your tracks on any of our station. Please make sure that you include all of the following information:   
1. Most importantly, make sure all tracks are properly titled with artist name and song title. We don't have time to research for each track.   
2. Also please send any other pertinent information:    
Artist or Band name    
Artist Facebook Page    
Artist Twitter    
Artist Webpage   
Artist ReverbNation Page   
Album Title   
Contact name.   
3. By submitting an MP3 to KCEG Radio you are signifying that you own rights or have acquired permission to distribute this content.    
5. We reserve the right to decline submissions based on poor quality, overly explicit content or obvious copyright infringement. Please NO PROFANITY.   
6. We will contact you if we are able to use your music. There is no need to follow up to confirm receipt of your music.   
7. Submitting your music does NOT GUARANTEE use or airplay.   
 Send your music to submit@kcegradio.com   
If you are on Itunes or Amazon listeners will be able to buy your music right off our site (Going to Itunes or Amazon site).   
We play ALL GENRES of music on the station.    
Send us a picture for the artwork of your song.