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Conditions for submitting music
Conditions for submitting music
KCEG is accepting songs, but please read completely before submitting anything. There are specific requirements for each song, and if not followed properly, songs will be deleted without any notification.  

1. All songs require complete "Meta Tags". If you are not familiar with the process then go to this link and read it. http://kcegradio.com/cgi-script/csForum/csForum.cgi?command=view&gid=53&rnd=367.120371184406 All songs received with NO Tags will be deleted, with NO notification.
2. Only three (3) songs per artist or band are permitted to be sent in for the review process.  

3. All songs submitted go through an audio "quality" process. If the song audio quality is not of a high standard then it will not be accepted. The songs do not have to be recorded in a studio, but they do have to be of high audio quality.  

4. Next, the song itself will go through a review board to make sure it fits the station. Please remember KCEG Radio plays Rock music, keep that in mind when you submit you songs.  

5. You will only receive notification if your songs are approved by the review board. You will then be notified by Twitter. Songs that fail the review board receive no notification.  

6. If you are approved you will be required to join the KCEG group page on FB, and will require a Twitter account for notifications.  

7. If approved "All" artists and bands are required to participate in promoting your song on KCEG Radio. That is the cost of KCEG playing your song over the Radio, otherwise there are NO costs for any artists or band for airplay on KCEG.

The following are areas you will need to participate in.  
A. Tweet your songs  
B. Share KCEG postings on Facebook.  
C. Participate in KCEG's Radio shows when possible for your song promotion.  

 If you as an artist or band do not intend to be engaged with your song while it plays on KCEG it will be removed along with all your music. All KCEG is asking is for artists and bands do be involved with promoting your songs. It COSTS you nothing but your time!

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