This week on Country Roads Diner Show 
Country Roads Diner [Indie Edition] 
Playlist for week 6/4/2017 
The Eddie T Band - Country Boy 
Burns & Poe – I Need A Job 
Maggie Thompson - God Made Me Sing 
Ruby Leigh Pearson - God Bless the Land of the Free 
Interview with Ray Scott – 
Ray Scott - Livin' This Way 
Ray Scott - Guitar for Sale 
Cody Joe Hodges - Hellbent On Loving You 
James Robert Webb - Six Strings & The Truth 
Kasey Tyndall - Everything Is Texas 
Casey Donahew - Kiss Me 
Matthew Huff - I Can’t Love You Anymore 
Interview with Cody Joe Hodges – 
Cody Joe Hodges - One More Drink 
Scott Brandt - Working Man 
Southern Halo - Little White Dress