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(CUD) Change Under Death 
Jason Cuddy Cudmore is the mastermind behind CUD with the help of some amazing musicians this album you will want to hear .   
Many different styles of songs and musicians .   
Soft rock to Metal   
(CUD) Change Under Death is a album with a mix of Musicians .  
From Charlottetown PEI   
Artists on the album   
 Jason Cuddy Cudmore from Sister Satellite and The Daze   
John Hashem from Sister Satellte and Big Huge  
Ian Smith from Sister Satellite and The Daze,  
Jeff Wilson from Negative J and Big Huge  
Michel Gagnon from Negative J,  
Trevor Richards from Sister Satellite and Death Valley Driver   
and more to come   
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/changeunderdeath/  
 Jasons Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Jason-Cudmore-solo-89244725508/   
 Twitter - https://twitter.com/jasoncudmore  
 Thanks for your time   
Jason Cudmore