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Danielle Haskell

Danielle is a Christian pop artist, song writer known for the emotional power and meaning behind her songs. The 18 year old definitely touches her fans with the messages she shares.
New Day was Danielle's first time co-writing a song and recording, but it still has an impactful meaning. New Day is about forgiveness, moving forward, leaving the past behind, and starting over.  

The inspiration for Forget came from Danielle's grandfather. Forget raises awareness for Alzheimers while reminding us we are never forgotten by God. During his entire time with Alzheimer's, Danielle was the only person he consistently recognized. During his last hospitalization, Danielle was afraid he would forget who she was; however, when she went over to his bedside and said “Pepere”, he immediately replied,Danielle you are here. He still knew her name.
Always With You is dedicated to Danielle's grandmother. A week before her grandmother was diagnosed with cancer, Danielle bought her grandmother a stone in Quebec that said “Toujours avec toi” (Always With You). A few days later she found out she had cancer. The saying on that stone took on a whole new meaning. Knowing how difficult this loss was going to be, Danielle wanted a reminder for everyone that those we lose and God is always with us.