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Devyn Anthony

Private instruction on bass guitar is mostly where it all began for Devyn who was about 10 years old at the time. Seven years is roughly when the formal training ended where he had also become versed in acoustic, electric and classical guitar, rudimentary piano and drums and had vocal lessons from the Royal Conservatory of Music. He was apart of a variety of performances throughout this time. Approximately 4 years of rock bar band work in the 90's ensued with a brief period playing bass for FIST. 
Life happened. 

In 2015 Devyn purchased an acoustic guitar, iPad and went to work straight away in the GarageBand app. March saw the first 3 in the SPLURGE series of 14, HURL, SO UN-YOU and ZOMBIE LOVE. 

His inspiration has not ceased and passion in the craft has only increased since and Devyn's current 2017 release, SOME UN-DARK, a jumble of genres splattered inside 14 tracks. MIDDLE FINGER FREE, it's opening track was just recently, October 2017, along with Devyn's 2016 release, HEY, signed to an album distribution deal from Songtradr. 

All his music is generated through GarageBand but no individual instrument program sequencing is used. Every note and beat is played and arranged, albeit quantized, on the touch screen of an iPad.