KCEG Radio Artist Bio's Page
Dianne Meinke   
Dianne Meinke is an accomplished Indie Producer, Singer/Songwriter, Recording Artist and Performer. Ms Meinke, an unsigned Indie artist, is distributed worldwide by the record label Warner/Chappell S.A. Her music genre can be described as: Acoustic Pop, Singer/Songwitter, Pop, AC, Hot AC and Top 40. 
Her 5 main musical influences are: Prince, Michael Jackson, Jimi Hendrix, Bruno Mars, John Lennon. 
Dianne Meinke's awards include but not limited to:  
6 Grammy Nominations, 4 Platinum Records,1 Gold Record as well as multiple Indie Adult Contemporary and Top 40 awards.  
 Dianne Meinke has played with and/or supported  
the following higher profile acts: 
(1999 - 2011) Stiffff Kitties 
(Early 2000's) Iron Maiden, Lyle Lovett and Michael Martin Murphy. 
 Dianne Meinke has worked with the following producers and music industry luminaries: 
Trace Thomas - Producer. (2011) 
"Read My Mind" - Dianne Meinke 
Masterlab mastered the song at Paisley Park (Prince’s extraordinary private estate and  
production complex in Chanhassen, Minnesota.) 
Anthony J. Resta - Producer (2011) 
"Transylvania" - Stiffff Kitties.  
Mastered at Universal Studios, Hollywood,  
California, USA.  
Jan Cooper Music Publishing. (2012)  
Vancouver, Canada 
David Michaels - Engineer. (2014) 
I Heart You cd - Dianne Meinke  
KDS Studios, Orlando, FL, USA 
Warner/Chappell S.A. (2016)  
Worldwide Music Distribution while maintaining her Indie Artist status. 
Harrison Funk (2017)  
Michael Jackson's personal photographer for 30 years, currently working with Ms. Meinke. 
Her live stage performances currently range from a solo act to a 3 piece stage line up and beyond. Dianne Meinke has been performing for 15 Years, while her current line up has been playing together for about 2 years. Her current stage line up consists of: 
Dianne Meinke  
Lead Vocals, Guitar, Ukulele, Mandolin & Keyboards 
Rodolfo Lorie:  
Vocals, Guitar, Percussion 
Slappy Joe Johnson:  
Vocals, Bass Guitar & Stand Up Bass. 
Dianne Meinke and Rodolfo Lorie, her Talent and Media Rep at UVI Media Group LLC, are currently in the planning stages with local and worldwide Talent Buyers, Promoters and Booking agents for her upcoming tour.