KCEG Radio Artist Bio's Page
Marion Fiedler has gained a widespread reputation as a singer, composer, and bandleader. She has been awarded numerous times for her works, and has received invitations to play at jazz festivals and concert halls across Europe and the United States. Her unique voice and growing repertoire of compositions continues to break boundaries, both literally and symbolically. 
While rooted in jazz, Marion’s music has branched out with a pop flair. She contributes this to her time spent in Music City, USA. It was there that she perfected her songwriting craft. As an international student, studying jazz voice and composition at Belmont University, she found inspiration in the challenges she faced. Marion’s songs began to reflect her personal story of growth and learning “how to fly.” 
Her journey led to her forming her own “melting pot.” Marion adapted to the States’ progressiveness, while maintaining her European sensibility. Her latest project, “Can I Ride in Your Backpack?” is an Example of just that. As a grassr