Todays Lineup on KCEG Radio

How to Vote on KCEG 
Click on The Vote & Top 30 List  
Look for the little Star by the Artist Image  
Left Click the little Star  
and pick 1 to 4 stars  
than you have added your vote

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Artist, do you want to promote your song heavy on KCEG Radio.  We offer PUSH PLAYS if you have a song you want to push heavy.  We offer a Play every hour plan
This plan is only good for 1 artist per day to Push Their song.  This is only to push every hour (24) around any time you wish.
You do not need to be in our Rotation to use this Promotion but it has to fit our format  so if your not on KCEG than send us the song fist before paying.

Be sure to check Schedule for times
Songs will not air during shows.     

plays (1 Song) per day of your choice of hours and minutes for 30 days for only $20.00