KCEG Radio Artist Bio's Page
Renora Code   
Singers, songwriters, producers, engineers and live performers. Looking for opportunities to write for talented artists that are already signed with a major label. Seeking writing opportunities for film, TV, and commercial advertising.   
Renora Code was formed in 2011   
Renora Code is a female duo made up of Corrine Preno and Deborah Wilson.  They are singers, songwriters and musical performing artists registered with BMI.  Their unique musical style has influences in Pop, Dance, Electronic, Rock and Country.  Songs are written from real life experiences creating characters that tell the story.  They continue to raise the bar when engineering and producing new material.   
They write, record, engineer and perform a mix of top 40 Pop, dance and electronic music with a unique vibe. They also write some novelty tunes like “Boost it” that they have directed toward the commercial and advertising markets with a specific theme in mind.   
Corrine Preno began to sing at the age of 4. Music was her destiny. She started playing guitar at age 11 and was performing live at the age of 14.  She performed in the areas top bands noted for her unique style playing bass guitar and vocals. She is now a multi-talented multi-instrumentalist and professional performer.  In addition, Corrine writes, engineers and produces all of Renora Codes music.