Seven Story Fall
Seven Story Fall is an multi-award winning solo act created by Hunter Kennedy in Wayne,MI in 2002. Under the name “Seven Story Fall” Hunter writes concept albums under a dystopian theme and within the pop punk/rock genres, while performing with a backing band live. SSF has released 3 EP’s & 1 full length album, performed at festivals such as (Liquid Sol music fest w/ Train, All american rejects, Buckcherry - Phoenix,AZ) & (Center of the universe fest w/ Twenty one pilots, Awolnation - Tulsa,OK), been featured in multiple newspapers,magazines and websites (Musicians friend, Detroit free press & PBS) & has secured airtime on radio stations across the country (WKLT,KMIX LA, & 89X Detroit). Full length album “Stories & Analogies” is part 1. Singles “I, Spy” & We will fight” are a brief interlude (character & story change) & next full length album “The Resistance” coming 2019 is part 2 of current music project, A multi-album apocalyptic/resistance story called ‘The Humanity Cure’. Follow the story 'The Humanity Cure' by reading or hearing it on FB,Youtube or sevenstoryfall.com as well as listen to all the songs in order for full detailed story.