KCEG Radio Artist Bio's Page
Siana King is a Las Vegas based Country Artist with a Razor Sharp Rock-N-Roll Edge!  
Siana King’s first studio single, GIRLS RULE (written by Country songwriting legends Buck Moore, Harvey McNalley and Leonard Ahlstrom) was released in late 2015. Girls Rule is currently in rotation on numerous internet and terrestrial radio programs throughout the world. The single is available at Amazon.com, iTunes and many other online digital music retail outlets.  
Siana returned to the studio in July 2016 to record several new singles that will be released through the fall/winter of 2016, with a full-length CD/Album release slated for early 2017. The first of these new singles, ZIP, ZERO, NADA, NOTHING (co-written by Wake Eastman, Donna Aylor & Ande Rasmussen), was released on October 15, 2016  
Connect with Siana King online at:  
www.Twitter.com/SianaKing; and  
 Management Contact: Mark R. Smith, Esq. ~ BumpFire Entertainment Group/Law Offices of Mark R. Smith; Phone: (702) 518-7625 ~ Fax: (702) 475-6453 ~ Email: Mark@MarkRSmithLaw.com