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This time of my life has given me spirit and passion that brings back the energy of my youth. I was raised on Rock & Roll, Elvis, The Beatles and many others. Great influence that gave a lasting hue to my experiences. I was touched, and shaped my deepest expressions into songs. As I grew and matured, the stories became the landscape of my soul.  
I have spent a lifetime singing my story, telling the tale of someone going through life, love, pain, anger, humor, pathos and harmony. The mere thought of it can bring me upordown. Intheendwefindoutthatitwasuptousall along. 
Regret it? Forget it! Iʼll take the music any day. Life is a song to be sung by all, celebrating the joy of living. So now is the time to stay in the moment. Stay close to one We are all we have with so little time together. 
I make the most of my time having fun, playing music, enjoying the things that are part of who I am. I have been blessed with a wonderful family and worked with many good people, smart, creative and professional. These “teachers” of lessons learned have been key in my development as an artist, producer and as a human being. I loved performing and recording since I was a kid and now, in my later years, I found my way back on the road. 
Peace & Love,