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PSA Help Trish move on May 17th 2018
Public Service Announcements
We are trying to Help Trish with some donations to help her and her son find a place to live. She works and makes to much money to get any help from the state, but at $11.25 hour, it's not enough to get ahead.  
The place she was living are putting a school teacher in there so as of May 17, when her son is done with school for the summer she has to be gone. 
Thank you for reading this email and if you have even a dollar to send, Thank you. 
Every cent is going to her and her son. We are trying to raise $1,450.00 ($725.00 Rent $725.00 deposit)and if we make to we will end it at that price,. 
Thank you 
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Goal, $1,450.00                              Raised so far $00.97

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